I'm back!
Hello, friends!

As you can see from the title...
And it was the most FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE EVER to actually see him in person!
However, Krystal is right.
I was wrong to be more focused on the president than on the actual tragedy itself.
So, before I tell you about my time, I want to take a moment to honor and acknowledge the poor people that died in the incident of last Saturday.

Christina Taylor Green, 9 years old.

Dorothy "Dot" Morris, 76 years old

John Roll, 63 years old

Phyllis Schneck, 79 years old

Dorwan Stoddard, 76 years old

Gabriel Zimmerman, 30 years old

Let's take a second to recognize these wonderful people, and the lives they led. I thank God for blessing us with these people, and I pray that they are with Him in heaven right now.
I know that they are.

P.S, sorry some of the pictures are bigger or smaller than the others :/ Google only gave me a limited number of pictures.
But nonetheless, we pray for these people


Now, if anyone wants, they can read ahead, and find out ALL ABOUT my experience on Wednesday!

okay! If you are still reading this, that means you are interested! Yay. :)
Down to business.

First, we woke up super early, when it was still dark outside, packed up our bags and set off!
We arrived at McKale Center, bundled up in our jackets and scarves and hats, and took our place in line. We set up a little blanket, and got all nice and cozy!....

but then the stupid cops made us move. They moved everyone around to the other side of the street, but unfortunately, there wasn't enough room for us on the sidewalk, so me and my family had to sit IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. They closed it off, though, no worries.
Still, it was kind of cool to be able to sit in the road and chill :)
Gradually, the day warmed up a little, so we shed our various layers and ditched the hot cocoa.
If any one of us needed to pee or anything, we would go one at a time, and walk down to the library on the U of A campus.
In the beginning, the whole crowd was pretty united. But, about halfway through our 10 hour wait, the cops moved some people (again!) from the end of the line, so that it wrapped around the building, instead of blocking off the other roads. But, those genius Tucson cops thought it would be smart to let the end-of-the-line people go THROUGH the middle of our line.
Little did they know, 300 PEOPLE WOULD BE CUTTING IN LINE IN FRONT OF US!!!!!!!!!
OMG, i was so mad. A fight almost broke out, when two guys started going at each other's throats (figuratively, not literally.)
Then, some big ole' fat lady who had cut in line looked at my mom (who was telling them all to get to the back of the line), said "Hey, come on now. We are supposed to be united, here!"
And my mom looks at her and goes, "Yeah? Well we were united at six a.m!"
Everyone started cracking up, and I was like "You go, mom!" hahahaha.
Then, after about another 5 hours of waiting, we finally got indoors and saw....
THE ONE AND ONLY BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Holy Cow, that man is an amazing speaker. Like, really amazing.
And one of my favorite things that he did was, he quoted Scripture!
I'm a Christian, so I REALLY appreciated that :)
I've attached a link to the video of his speech, if you should care to watch it :)


Please watch it, if you haven't seen it yet!!!!
Well, that's all for now!
OH, but one more thing before I go.
I'm reading Romeo and Juliet in class, and I was thinking about maybe writing a modernized "spoof", if you will, of Romeo and Juliet.
What do you guys think? Would you be interested in reading it?
If so, PLEASE let me know as soon as possible.
Either way, I'm going to write it, but I'll only post it for you guys to read if you are interested :)
Let me know!
Love you guys!!!!


  1. Sounds cool:)
    The tragedy truley is heart breaking. I cry every time I see it on the news. Especially after seeing the stories behind some of the victims. One was engaged to be married, one was only 9, a few jumped in front of loved ones to save them, and several other I could mention. It leaves me speechless.

  2. Aw thank you. I was half scared that you would get pissed at me :P
    Im happy you had a good time!
    I think his speech was really good and I watched it twice just because it was so good :)
    Love ya

  3. It's all so sad...
    I read R&J for English! I'd love to hear a spoof of it!!! Ugh...it was so boring though!
    So make it funny!

    Lucky duck!
    You already know we would love to read your story ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. yess I would lovvee to read youre story!! sounds great!!


Thanks for commenting!! (: