I don't know how this could have happened.

What did he do to deserve this?

He was the kindest boy I had ever met.

But apparently the rest of the world didn't see him the way I did.

His name was Ethan. I met him not too long ago, but as soon as I did, I knew there was something special about him.

He wasn't like the other boys.

He didn't make crude jokes, he didn't swear, he didn't humiliate and debase women.

He was my best friend.

Then I discovered something: Ethan was gay.

But... that didn't matter at all to me.

He was still the same person to me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

But it did matter to other people.

I knew Ethan was bullied.

But he would never tell me by whom.


So I stopped asking.

My mistake.

Then, one day, I came to school.

Instantly, I knew something was different.

Ethan was gone.

Soon, I found out....

Ethan had left.


From the school, from my life.

No one knew where he was.

But people did know why he left.

There were several theories, but the most common one was the bullying.

My best friend.


Without even saying goodbye.

I called Ethan and texted him numerous times...

No response.

Not a word.

What could have caused this to happen?

Who did this to Ethan?

Why did they do it?

Did I, MYSELF, do something wrong?

Could i have done a better job of preventing this?

I suppose I'll never know.

And I suppose I will never see or talk to Ethan again.

I just wish I knew where he was.

But I don't.

I don't know.

But what I DO know, is, I hope whoever did this would feel more guilt than they have ever felt before.

I hope that one day, this comes back to haunt them.

But, more than anything, I hope that Ethan is okay.

Is there anyone out there?


Can someone help me through this?

I feel so alone.

I just need someone to tell me that Ethan is safe and that everything will be okay.

I need to know that someone out there cares.

And that I'm not the only one.

Please, somebody.


I don't know what to think, I don't know what to believe.

Please help me.

I need reassurance.

I need your prayers.

I need a friend.

I need Ethan back.


Just... please.


  1. That is so, so, so, so horrible. I'm am so sorry. I hate the way gay people are treated; their the nicest people I've ever met. But if he IS your best friend; then remember this:
    Friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you always know that their there
    You'll eventually find your way back to eachother(:

  2. I'm so sorry. Don't blame yourself, it was his choice. I hope that someday he comes back, but if he doesn't realize that he ran off so that he could be happy. Realize that wherever he is, he's found that happiness.

  3. im christian and honestly i dont believe in people being gay, but youre in my prayers <3

  4. Im so sorry. Like others said, Dont blame yourself. You are a wonderful girl and Im sure it wasnt your fault
    God is with you and Ethan,


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