Hello, Stranger

If you haven't noticed, a lot of my post titles have been titles of pictures OR usernames that I have found on WeHerartIt.
And I don't know about you, but I'm liking it so far :)
I think I'll keep doing this as long as no one has any objections.

SHOUT OUT: To my two newest followers, haze and Romi :)
Heart you guys!

Speaking of hearting things, if you haven't read A Tale of Two Pretties yet, READ IT NOW! I didn't even bother putting it up on my "Books I'm Currently Reading" sidebar, because I finished it in, like, an hour or two :)
Anyway, it's a great book, but it's also very bittersweet. By that I mean sad.
It's kind of shocking to realize that the series I have grown up with, the series that got me through middle school (and now HIGH SCHOOL :) ) is actually coming to an end.
But it's okay, because it's NOT the end of Lisi Harrison, that's for sure.

Okay, moving on. If you haven't been to MyModel.com, go there!
I discovered it yesterday, and it's SO MUCH FUN!
You get to create a model, and design outfits for her. It's pretty simple, but it makes me very happy.
If you are interested, here are some of my designs! (My model looks like Dianna Agron. <3>

You like? Don't like? Kind of like? HATE??
Let me know which outfit is your fave! Or none of them at all...
Either way, you can create your own looks for your model and have a TON of fun with it. Trust me. :)

Last but not least, I'd like to conclude this very random post with some DELIGHTFULLY random pictures from, you guessed it, WEHEARTIT!!!

Just Breathe


Dont worry, be happy - Fotos de wakeuphappiness - Fotolog


My Photos - ♥...Faя Fяom Neveя...♥

Dont B a hard rock when U really R a gem.


Your love is beautiful.


Sem título | Flickr - Compartilhamento de fotos!

Have a delightfully ridiculous day. ;)



  1. haha, I love the elephant and unicorn pictures. :)

  2. Thank you for the shout out! So kind! I like the first model pic most, though I'd prefer shorts to mini skirt!

  3. I like the first outfit ♥
    I just finished the book too!!! Lisi ended it perfectly. I don't think anyone could've been upset with the ending.

  4. I just LOVE weheartit! That webstite looks so cool & I love the designs!

  5. WOW. I love ALL of your designs haha! I'm going to check out that website!
    Awesome post! ♥ the pictures!


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