Up to You

Does anyone read this blog?

I started this because I wanted to post things that would make people happy, and maybe make a few friends along the way.

But lately it seems like no one really cares.

And that's okay... but now its up to you guys.

If you want me to keep this blog up, then I will. But if not, then ill delete it.


P.S Im not trying to be all melodramatic and annoying, and its not that I don't love you guys. I just have a lot of other stuff in my life that I could be worrying about, and if no one is enjoying this blog in the first place, then its pointless to waste my time, and yours.

Y'all can choose.



  1. Keep the blog!!! It's brilliant!! Sorry I don't comment much :( I'm hopeless at commenting on blogs :/ Please don't delete it!

  2. What you talking about!!!!!!!!!!! I think you lost your mind!!! I love your blog!!

  3. Keep the blog! I love it! And it DOES make me happy:)

  4. of course we want it! girl your outta your mind...

  5. Hi Serena,
    Sorry I didn't comment before, I hadn't gotten an update of this post.
    I'm sorry that you're thinking of giving it up, but just remember that all the people who follow you are interested.
    We want to hear how you feel.
    We want to know what makes you smile, and we are your friends.
    If you want to give this blog up, it's not up to us, it's up to you.
    But Even if this only effects one person, isn't that enough?
    And it's effecting a lot more than just one person.
    This is an amazing blog Serena, you inspire everyone who comes here everytime you blog.
    Even this post was inspiring.

    And another thing to remember, this amazing quote: Everytime you think of giving up, remember what made you hold on for so long.

    Romi..xxx (I hope you keep blogging.)


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