Me, Myself, and I

Hey guys! This is me :)
I guess I should tell you a little about me...
I like the smell of rain, a warm blanket by the fireplace, good friends and family, doughnuts on Saturday morning, laughing untill it hurts and tears are rolling down my face:') cuddling with my bunny while im curled up on my bed, swimming in the hot summer, and drinking cocoa in the cold winter. I like singing in the shower(even though it sounds horrible:) and i like acting onstage. My dream is to be on Broadway someday, and I think I can get there with the support of my friends, family, and Jesus Christ <3
I will stay up on the phone with you as late as you need me, but if I don't text you back, it usually means I'm at rehearsal :)
I have 2 dogs, that I love with all my heart, and one sweet, fluffy little bunny :D
i like taking long walks on the beach, in the rain, in the sunshine, whatever the weather.
I love planting things like flowers and vegetables, but since I live in the hot desert, I've never really been able to plant much.
I can be easily amused by staring up at the clouds, and pretending that they are different shapes one second, and then the next second I can have a deep in-depth discussion with you about world issues. Just kidding.
Some call it weird, I call it gifted ;)
I have a major sweet tooth, and can be totally and completely won over by the smallest little heartfelt gifts.
I like to pretend that I can fly, or that I could dive under the ocean and swim with the fishes for hours on end.
Sure, have my share of troubles in life too, but nothing is too strong or too difficult for me to overcome with the help and love of my Savior, Jesus.
So, I hope you enjoy my blog, and i am very open to make new friends, so give it a shot :)

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