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I am going to Japan!!
Ok I know I already blogged three times yesterday, but Im new at this, so im pretty excited.
Right now I am sitting at the airport in one of those hard uncomfortable airport chair, typing to you on my dads laptop.
Ok, so, clearly, I'm excited for Japan. I would have told you more about this last night, but I had to pack. Plus, I had already posted 3 times.
Again, Im new at this.
Ok, anyways, im pretty psyched. But not just because of the ancient Buddhist temples, the crazy cool culture of the ultra-modern Tokyo, or the sushi.... NO! I am excited because of an amusement park. And a plane.Ok I know that sounds stupid, but just let me explain....

This is not just any plane.
This is an INTERNATIONAL plane. Which means it is literally 3 times the size of a normal plane. And we are flying over the OCEAN..... AT NIGHT. Kinda scary...but also kinda cool.
We get served 2 meals.... dinner, and...well...dinner.
Its kinda confusing, but ill explain it to you.
We cross the International date line. Which means that over there, night is day, and day is night. So we take off at night in the U.S. (therefore, they serve us dinner). then we go around the world (12 hour flight!!) and arrive in Japan at night (which would be day in the U.S) do you get it? Its ok if u dont...I dont really get it either ;)
Anyways...then they serve us a few snacks, and you get to choose what you want for your second dinner, a Japanese style-diner(sushi) or an American style-dinner (like, burgers and stuff)
They also show, like, three movies! And each chair has its own T.V and radio station.
I have no idea how I will keep occupied for 12 hours... is there Internet connection 1600 feet up in the air? If so, I'll blog to pass the time :) If not, I'll have to go old-fashioned and read or something. Which is cool. Reading is always good.
Anyways, here are some pics of things we will be doing and seeing while in Japan:
This is a Japanese Tea Ceremony. It is such an important cultural ceremony that it takes a whole day just to have the tea. Like, 10 hours. They clean the tea kettle, say a prayer (to Buddha or whatever), wash their hands in luttle cups, steep the tea, etc. etc.

There is this one hotel that we are staying in that is so strict about the Japanese culture that they dont let you wear American clothes! When you make reservations, you have to give them your measurements, and your gender and your color prefrences so that they can custom-make you a kimono that you HAVE to wear at ALL TIMES while in the hotel.
(You mean, I can't wear my skinny jeans?! How will I survive??) ;D

This is what I'm most excited for... TOKYO!!!! And ya wanna know why?? Because it is a city. And i love big cities more then anything in this world. Look how much it looks like new York!!!

Pretty similar, huh?? Well, except it is literally 5 times larger than New York City. EVEN BIGGER, EVEN BETTER!!! <3

And of course the sushi... yummy!!!
As you can see, I'm very very excited. Clearly.
Ooh! One more thing... we are going to an amusement park on the first day called "Space World". Yes, it is Japanese. Even though it has an American name.

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