Sleepless in Japan

Hey guys.....
I am soooo not in the mood for blogging right now, but I feel like I've been a jerk for NOT blogging, so I will down another cup of Starbucks, crank up the volume on my headphones, and rub my tired eyes awake. In case you are wondering, Japan is AMAZING.
Girls, you have NO IDEA how cool it is here.
I'm not kidding. But I hope this blog goes through, because my computer is all jacked up. (All the instructions are in Japanese.)
Blehh. Darned country. Hack onto my computer will ya!!!!!!!???
Just kidding.
Anywho... if you havent noticed, I'm really tired. It is 2 a.m back in the U.S where I live, so thats the time that my body feels. (Even though its about lunchtime here in Japan.)
So please pardon my attitude, if I seem to be a little rude right now.
Its the lack of sleep, and constant sushi for every single meal. I mean, dont get me wrong, I love sushi. But for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 12 days in a row?? I'm starting to miss McDonalds.
Ugh, its ok, I'll live.
So, to Tiffany, thank you for nominating me for the "OH MY BLOG!" award, but I'm sorry. I'm just too tired to follow all those rules. I appreciate the thought, but I'm just not in the mood. No offense, AT ALL though, my dear. I would if I could. But I'm just about ready to fall asleep at my laptop. Thank God for Japanese internet connection, Or i wouldnt even be here.
Ok, listen up kiddos, cuz im gonna make this short and sweet.
If there is one thing the Japanese are good at here, its courtesy.
They are ridiculously polite about everything.
Like, you cant blow your nose in public. Its offensive. Great. I JUST got a cold, and now im forbidden to blow my nose.
OH, and you cant wear flip flops in Osaka or Kyoto. I dont know what it is with these Japanese, but there is something about feet that makes them get really freaked out. They dont even want to LOOK at your feet.
Ugh, sorry again about my attitude.
Ill work on it.
Also, they sell tuna fish flavored Pringles here.
I ask for pizza flavor, they had me a can of Tuna Fish Surprise.
And I dont know about you, but i like my tuna fish without surprises, thank you very much.
So....what else.... oh yeah! They pretend to sleep on the trains so that us crazy Americans wont sit down next to them.
But dont let a few rude Japanese men get you down. The ladies at my hotel are so polite, that they bow every time you pass in front of them. They even have people stationed at the elevator so that they can bow when you get it.
Haha, so of course, I tested it out, and kept walking back and forth and back and forth in front of them so that they would bow over and over.....
it was pretty funny if you ask me. Bu then my dad ruined the fun, by giving me a lecture on being rude and dissrespecting their culture.
Way to ruin my fun, Pops.
OMG but the coolest/worst things are the toilets. You sit down the opposite way (so ur basically stradling the toilet) and then you do whatever you need to do. and then at the end, when you look around for the toilet paper, you will see that it is nowhere to be found. Just when you realize that, the toilet SPRAYS YOU with this weird pink water.
No toilet paper. Just spray.
It scared the heck out of me the first time I wasnt expecting it.
And I was using a public bathroom at the time, so lets just say I got more than a few weird looks from people in line behind me.
Okay, well guys I hate to stop the party, but I have to go before I literally pass out from sleep deprevation.
But before I go, I owe you guys a Fun Fact of the Day.
Pssshaw. I can totally break that record.
In fact, I will.
Right now.
Goodnight everybody.
P.S. Next time I blog, I will have a better attitude, I promise.
Luv ya.


  1. I am sooooooo jealous. :)

  2. haha sounds like ur living it up there in Japan lolzz, this post made me laugh actually, but right now I think I'll let you sleep =)

  3. Hope you had/have fun in japan! I get to go there next summer to visit my cousins so tell me all the fun stuff, etc:)


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