Im upset.

If you havent noticed, I only have like 9 followers.

Not that they are bad, I LOVE my followers....they make me happy.

but let's put it this way, 9 is clearly not very many.

Im sorry.

Im just kinda insecure about that.

It kinda makes me feel like no one likes me.

I feel inadequite compared to some people who have like 200 followers....

Am I doing something wrong??

What should I be doing differently??

I was kinda thinking about shutting down this blog....

All it suceeds in doing is making me feel like I'm un-liked.

But those few followers that I DO have, THANK YOU. <3

If you think I should shut down the blog, or if you think I should keep it....?

Comment and let me know.



  1. awwww, don't feel bad, i only have 9 too:) thanks for following my blog!

  2. Noooo!
    This and Facebook are the only way I can see what you're up to right now! You can't stop :(
    It's just a blog. You have SO many real life friends, it's not even funny. :)
    Just follow other people's blogs, if you really want the other followers! Please don't stop.
    I love you ♥


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