My new obsession (:
Photography. And photo editing!!
So here are some pics that I've taken with my dad's fancy Nikon camera (:
Tell me if you like them!!!!!
Look its a bird! No, wait. Its Miley Cyrus. (If you've seen her music video for Cant Be Tamed, you'll know what I'm talking about.) Ugh. I dislike her.
I really like the roofs in Japan. Very artsy. In the ancient parts, that is.
Well yup thats some of the pics I've taken. Let me know what you think! If you like them, or if you dont. But please dont be too harsh if you dont like 'em.
here are some of the pics I've edited! (:
Thats my eye!!! (;
Now who could that be? Is it my best friend Lauren? My sister Carrie? Me? My cousin Madylyn?
This is the same person. Whoever it is. ;)
Thats just a couple of them.
What do you think??
Its really fun.
The second I held that camera in my hand, I knew it was true love :)
Editing is fun too, but not as fun as taking pictures.
But see, the weird thing with me is I like to take pictures of little pieces instead of the whole thing. Ya know? Like, I would rather take a picture of your feet than of you. Your bike tire than of your actual bike.
The corner of the roof than of the actual building.
Im weird, I know.
But I still find it fun (:
So....yeah! Give me your opinion!
Love <3


  1. I love them. And the last two edited ones ;)

  2. Wow I love all of the pictures. So weird cause I want to start taking pictures also, but I don't have the camera for it. All I've is little digital one, but I wanna get one like this...

    Be sure to take more pictures, I would love to see more =)

  3. Tiff: thanks (:
    Talia: Thats such a cool camera! thats the kind I want too. My dad has one (thats what I used to take the pics) but he is always using it. So if I really want one to use all the time, I have to save up my $ to get one. But i think its worth it ")

  4. Love the feet haha
    DUCK!!!! Hahaha :) funny thing Ive ben into photography recently. Imma buy a new fancy nikon :) once I do you should borrow your dads and we can take pics together :))

  5. Yes we should!! That would be so much fun.(:
    I think summer brings out the little photography bug inside everyone :D

  6. I love the pictures!

    The one with the roof is my favorite!


  7. Serena- I know I love it also! I was looking on and and these cameras cost up to 600 DOLLARS! Maybe more! Gosh I think I'll have to save up my money also, haha. But like you said it IS worth it =)


Thanks for commenting!! (: