Close, but you're way off.

Lately, I've been feeling torn in two.

listen to your heart .

By friends, family, you name it.

I feel like an O U T C A S T

I'm torn between myself.

There's Friend Serena, Daughter Serena, Sister Serena, Student Serena, Insecure Serena, Confident Serena, Artistic Serena, Rational Serena, but above all else, the one I've been using the most lately.
Put on a Smile and Fake It Serena

Sweet Sugar Dreams

Sweet Sugar Dreams

I feel like I need to be mediocre to fit in.

I get good grades, and people either:

a) laugh and make fun of me


b) take advantage of me by making me do their homework and stuff like that

I feel so used.

I feel like I'm not appreciated for the things that make me who I am.

No, it's not about being yourself.
It's about being whoever fits in.

Sweet Sugar Dreams

But you know what?

I'm gonna be me.

I don't care who knows it.

I don't care who hates it.

You got a problem with it?

That's your own damn issue.

Because from now on, I'm gonna be exactly who I am.

I Learned To Live, Half Alive.

And I'm gonna love it. <3


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