F. A. L. L.

I love autumn.
So, I'm taking the liberty of making this post in all FALL colors. :)
I'm really starting to get into the MOOOOOD. <3
Right now, I am watching this amazing show called Halloween Unwrapped. It's all about how they make the world's most popular Halloween Candies. Like....


Wonderful World of Thea - a tumbleog

We are infinate.

❥lets go ! tamagotchi !


I dont care if Halloween is over, I still have all my decorations up, and I'm still watching the classic scary movies(:
Speaking of which, I don't care how old I am, I will ALWAYS go trick or treating, until people stop giving me candy :)
This Halloween, I went trick or treating with my friends Maddie, Samantha, Keenan, Joey, Taylor and Carolina. We went to this AMAZING neighborhood where they literally close off the streets just for Halloween! I was Little Red Riding Hood. :D
It was super duper fun.
I love everything about this season.
The colors, they hay rides, the food, the slight chill in the air....
Ahh, it's great.
So I have some big news for you.....



Yeah. Let that sink in.

Sunk yet?

Ok, good.
Yeah, I basically deleted my Facebook because I feel like I'm on it too much.... it's an addiction, it really is. I am on Facebook at LEAST 4 times a day. It was ridiculous.

And unhealthy.

I wasn't strong enough to do it myself, so I literally gave my brother my password and told him to go on and delete it for me.
And honestly... I have no regrets.

I have so much more time on my hands! To read, and write, and spend time with my family.
They say you never realize a good thing until it's gone... well I say you never realize how ADDICTED you were to something until it's gone.

It honestly disgusts me.
I'm so glad I'm rid of that. And there is other good news with it! Now I have more time to BLOG! :)
Good news, huh? (;

I'll try to blog once a week or so.
I just got back from a sleepover with my friends Samantha and Carolina. It was fun! We made these super yummy deserts. You just have to peel and core some apples, then stuff them with this tasty mixture of sugar, vanilla, chopped nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Then you wrap them up in a cinnamon - rubbed pie crust and bake them for an hour. It's like a little handheld apple pie!

IMG_1795 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Today, there is a football game, and I'm cheering at it
Did I mention I'm a cheerleader?

Yeah. :) But... it's the last game of the season :(
I'm kinda nervous. I'm doing a scary new stunt, that I don't think we've practiced enough. I'm standing on a guy's shoulders. This is what it looks like:

So, it's not that hard... I'm just a little tense.
BTW, That picture is not me.
Just so you know.
I Googled it.
So wish me luck!
I'm also working on writing a new book....
it's called One in the Same.
It's about this woman who is left by her husband, so she is single mother, caring for a newborn baby all by herself. But one day she meets and falls in love with a man, when she swore to herself she would never love again.
But one day, something happens to them. They discover a piece of their history they didn't even know existed. They discover that THEIR parents were once together.
Their parents actually had a CHILD together.
So... they actually share a sibling.


It's a work in progress.... but maybe I'll post some of it later :)

I gotta go!
Talk to you guys later!


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