Checking In

I don't have much time, but just so you girls don't think I'm dead, I'm going to post a little something. (Stealing Tiff's idea)

Today is: September 2, 2011
Time: 5:21 pm
Doing: Looking up pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler on Tumblr
Eating: A Twinkie
Wearing: A green sundress, bronze sandals, a green and light blue beaded necklace (Charmin' Charlie!) and bronze & pearl drop earrings
Listening to: The sound of my fingers tapping against the keyboard
Hair: Straightened
Fingernails: French manicure
Toenails: Romantic Red nail polish
5 minutes ago: I was typing this
5 minutes from now I will: Go watch the Simpsons with my little brother
Thinking about: How much I want to marry Matthew Gray Gubler & how much I wish my cold would go away.
Feeling: Wistful



Time: 5:31


  1. Matthew Gray Gubler is gorgeoussss! I love him too, haha! :D

  2. I love these list thing a majigs.
    I think they're so cute.


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