Live goes on. and on and on and on....

Today is: October First!!!
Time: 4:51 p.
Doing: Pretending to do my European History homework, but really just playing on Tumblr
Eating: Oreos
Wearing: Pink and white plaid pajama bottoms, and a Mickey Mouse tee shirt
Hair: Bedhead, held back with a headband
Fingernails: All bitten to nubs
Toenails: Hot pink
5 minutes ago I: was banging my head against my desk because I don't understand my homework on the Revolt of the Netherlands
5 minutes from now I will: take a shower. change. brush my hair and teeth. make my bed. get ready for the day..... at 5 in the afternoon.
Thinking about: What me & Tiff are going to do tonight. Rent a cheesy movie? Homemade mani-pedis? Fro-yo? I think yes.
Excited about: Swim season BEING OVER. Shopping for Halloween costumes with Sam. Fall break. The fact that it might rain. <3
Upset about: how much i miss my friends. and how hard school is right now.
Feeling: slightly sick to my stomach after eating nothing but ice cream, chips, oreos, and twinkies today. It's crazy how I'm not obese....

Long live autumn. <3

Colorful leaves    白神の紅葉 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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  1. I love these kind of posts. I might steal it from you =)


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