A bunch of Crazy Randomness

cuh. ray. zee.
It was fun, but crazy.
On Friday, I went to a quiet little get together with some AMAZING girls.
Tiffany, Juliet, Hannah, Brooke, Shania, Makayla, and another girl who I didn't know.
We met at La Encantada (a really fancy high-end shopping mall) to have a scavenger hunt :)
We met at Frost (a gelato shop) and then we went to Blanco, a Mexican restraunt, and we all shared taquitos(sp?) and nachos. Then we went down to the itchy fake grass (for being such a fancy shopping mall, you would think they could afford real grass) and we opened presents. It was Juliet's birthday.
I got her a rhinestone necklace in the shape of a bow. She Loves Bows.
Then, we had the scavenger hunt!! I was paired up with Hannah. 
I told them we would win.
I warned them not to get their hopes up.
I told them.
I told them we would win.
AND WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We started at 6:30 and had until 7:30.
Pfffft. We finished at 6:50, suckers!!!!!!!!
Thats 20 minutes! Everybody else took at least 45 minutes.
Just kidding.
I love you guys!
Anyways, our prize was brownies.
They rocked.
Anywas....the next day was....
MY PARTY!!!!!!!!
Dudes, it was totally bomb.
It was a little crazy, though.
Lots of people showed up.
First, Tiffany came over early to help me decorate.
We sprinkled gold glitter on the floors, hung up tons of multi-colored, striped streamers, blew up balloons, put out chips, candy, and sodas, set up the strobe lights, the disco ball, and the fog machine, put out the speakers, set up the music and then sat around and watched T.V until people came.
Once everyone got there, we cranked up the music, and broke out the silly string :)
The boys took the cans and started spraying the girls, and then the girls took them back, and we all opened fire on Keenan. :)
Then, we got a football, and walked around in my backyard tossing it and taking tons of pictures. :)
Then, we decided to walk down to the pool. Most people just sat around with their feet dipped in the pool, chatting and laughing. 
Then, out of nowhere, VICTORYA PUSHED ME IN THE POOL!!!!!!
It was fun but scary.
It was terrifitastic.
Then, she pushed in my brother. That was a little bit better. :D
Then Mike (forget the fake ames. I forgot them all) jumped into the pool too :) We were all wearing clothes, by the way.
So, to get even with Vikki, I turned the hose on her. And Chloe. And Mali. And Scott :)
Then, we all went back to the house.
We turned on the music and danced around. It was pretty fun. :)
But it got a little crazy.... thanks to Avian, Cameron, Aaron, and Daniel.
Those stupid boys.
They started spilling drinks, throwing food, stomping balloons, tearing down streamers, and un-plugging my iPod, plugging theirs in so they could blast their stupid heavy metal rock music. 
OMG, I have this little low bench thing that isn't meant to be sat on, it meant to hold stuff in its drawers, and Avian JUMPED ON THAT, snapping its supporting beam, and sending it crashing to the floor!
Then, they kept sneaking out of the house to go do God only knows what in the desert behind out house. My dad had to take a flashlight and patrol the yard looking for those hooligans!
But whatever. 
We still had fun!
Here are some pics:

Me, Chloe, and Mali
Chilling outside. Drinking Dr. Pepper.
Mike after jumping in the pool :)
Crankin' up the music!That boy there? Yeah, that's Avian. My dad thought he was gay :)
Scott and Keenan <3
Party poopers (:

Yep :)
I never got to give you a proper thank-you for you amazing present! She made me a collage of pictures of my favorite things!The Simpsons, Starbucks, New York, and Girraffes.
She also got me Season 20 of the Simpsons on DVD, and an amazing notebook which I have already started another story in :)
So thank you, Tiffany!!!!! 
I love you!!!!!!
And as soon as you-know-who gets back, we will all get together and go bowling or something fun like that. 
So, yep!
Ok, now it's time for the ...

I was nominated by Shanae :)
Thanks, Shanae!! I love yaaaa.
Oh, also to Shanae, if you are reading this, I don't know why my blog won't let you follow me... I'm sorry. Technology sucks, sometimes. 
But, anyways, I'm gonna do the Blog or Randomness thing now.
Ok, I already mentioned it on my blog....so now I have to name 17 of my favorite things.
1. Rootbeer floats
2. The smell of a book
3. The Blaire-Chuck couple
4. Sunflower seeds
5. Music
6. Writing stories
7. The Simpsons
8. Starbucks coffee
9. Sprinklers
10. New York (duh.)
11. Sleepovers
12. Chace Crawford
13. S'mores
14. Christmas morning
15. Waterslides
16. Sarcasm
17. Daydreaming

Ok, now I nominate 3 people!
So....i nominate




Ok, there you go! Now, blog, blog, blog!!
Ok, now.....I guess that's it!!
I still need more followers!
So spread the word!
And don't forget, I love comments :)
So leave yours and make my day!!
Love ya


  1. Awww :) Your welcome!! I love you ♥ And the pictures. But mostly you! ;)

  2. That looks like so much fun! My friends are the same (crazy). :) I'm following you!

  3. coool post! thanks SO much for the link I LOVE your blog!! cool picz!

  4. awe this post was super duper awesome =)thanks so much for the award =)

  5. looks like you had fun!
    i love your blog.
    nice pics.

  6. Looks like fun!
    Thumbs up for Avian's look :)


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