Back to School?

So, I'm sorry it's been a while. Like Tiffany, I keep telling myself that I will blog every other day or so, and then it becomes every other WEEK. :/
So I'm sorry if you get bored with me because I'm lazy and I never post.
I'll try to be better about that! Pinky promise.
But, aside from being lazy, I'm also blogging quite rarely because I'm trying super hard to finish my summer reading. Required by the school. I mean, come on! I LOVE to read, but I want to read MY OWN books. Not the books that they require me to read. 
Because, quite honestly, my taste in books is very different from the school's standards. 
I go to a private Christian school. Yes, I'm a Christian. And proud of it :)
And every summer they make us read two books, and then do reports on them to hand in on the first day of school. 
This year, I'm going into high school, and the books are getting a little harder.
The first one was The Last Battle by C.S Lewis.
Ya know, the Lion/Witch/Wardrobe dude?
Yeah. Him.
That book was pretty easy. I finished it in two days.
The next one is a little harder. It's called Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. Randy is this guy who writes TONS of Christian books. My favorite book of his is called Heaven. It's amazing. It's all about what heaven will be like and stuff. He studied the Bible for 22 YEARS just to make this book as accurate as possible. 
But this book, Safely Home, is fiction. 
Seriously, i love it. It's really sad though. It's all about the prosecution of Christian in China. This one family has to wake up at 3 a.m every Sunday, and ride their bikes 20 miles to the nearest underground-church-hidden spot thing where they can worship with 10 other "secret Christians".
But one day, their hidding spot is invaded by the Chinese police who tell them to either say that Jesus is a lie, or get shot.
So, the family decides to.....
HA! Like I'm really gonna tell you. Nope, you have to read it for yourselves :)
Really do, though!! Trust me, you won't regret it!
And even if you aren't a Christian, you should still read it. It's amazing. 
Anyways, I'm getting so busy right now!!!
First, my close friend is moving!!! Her name is Chloe. She is moving to California! :( Sad!!!!But, anyways, me & my other close friend Ciara, are throwing her a surprise party!!! :D
It's gonna be just a few of Chloe's close friends, (so nothing wild and crazy like my birthday party), and Ciara has a pool, and a Wii, and music & stuff. And I made a slideshow!!!
So, that should be fun. That's this Friday.
And then really soon after that, I'm leaving for that Broadway thing that I'm doing in NYC!! I told you guys about that, right??
I'm in Manhatten for 2 weeks doing this thing on Broadway. So, I've been really busy lastely updating my resume ( I'm meeting over 50, big-shot agents and managers and casting directors from Hollywood, and New York City!!) and getting my headshots printed and making hotel reservations & stuff like that.
Also, Chace's birthday is coming up!! He is in love with Miley Cyrus, so I'm getting him this T-Shirt that says "Team Miley" on it. :)
Anyways, that's about it!!
Thanks to my followers!!! I <3>
Although, Randy Alcorn, (the author I was telling you about) has a blog! Its if you wanna check it out :)
Talk to you guys later!!
Love ya!

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  1. Ugh I hate when were assigned a book from school over the summer. In 6th grade I wasn't assigned anything but now my next year 8th grade teacher assigned us a really boring book called the old man and the sea (or something like that....even the title sounds boring) and we have to answer 40 something questions and write two essays based on a question. How unfair is that? At least ur books sound interesting =) AND THAT IS SO SUPER DUPER AMAZING ABOUT BROAD WAY I HOPE YOU HAVE SUCH A FABITY FAB TIME =) lots of endless love <3


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