Supersuper short!!

Hey guys.
Super short blog.
As it is midnight here in Minnesota.
(Im travelling here to visit my grandparents)
Anyways, Sam was right. Things worked out with Chace(:
Its all gooood.
And to all of you who posted helpful advice, thank you SO MUCH.I really appreciate you girls.
And a big thank you to my two new followers(:
You girls are what keep me goin'.
Ok, so when I said super short blog, I really meant it. I'm dying here. I just ran an 8K (for those of you who don't speak athletic, that's 5 miles). It was so hard. Almost the entire thing is uphill. And I had a pebble in my shoe
So I'm exhausted. All I wanna do is change into my plaid flannel p.j's, grab a cup of hot tea, and crawl into bed with my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book.
So I will do just that.
But to make it up to you for this extremely short and boring blog, I WILL be back tomorrow. And I will have a long, detail-filled post in store for you(:
So check back in for that!!
I promise I'll do it.
Until then!

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  1. I'm so glad that things worked out with you and Chace and WHOA about the running thing. I can't even run a mile without having to stop for a rest. And I'm reading Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants too =) It's so unique and I'm lovin it =) Can't wait till tomorrows post. Lots of endless love <3


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