Wow. I'm finally back!!!! Sorry I've been gone so long. It's been literally impossible for me to get on Blogger for the past few weeks. I tried, and it says that it's "unable to log me on, because I didn't register my blog under a Google account." or whatever. So I had to transfer all my information from one account to another, and blah blah blah.
But none of that matters now, because I'm back!
I'm babysitting my brother right now.
So, I've been super busy with school and cheer. I'm really stressed out about college right now.... and I have no idea why. I'm only a freshman! But for some reason I have this pre-concieved notion that I have to be academically sound in all aspects of my current scholarly pursuits. Look at me. Look at the way I'm talking. Too many big words. It's all that PSAT studying... even thought they don't matter freshman year. But still...
I really want to go to NYU. Or Columbia. So I'm kind of freaking out about making sure my grades are PERFECT.
UGH. I need to chill. But on the other hand, there really isn't that much stress in my life lately. No boy drama. No friends drama (kinda.) No family drama. So, I guess things are going okay for me right now.
I'm REALLY EXCITED for the holiday season. But for some reason... it's taking me a long time to get into the spirit... I don't know why. Things are kinda tense with my friends... so I don't know who I'm trick or treating with... who I'm going to Nightfall with.... or ANYTHING. :( I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm just not in the holiday mood, I guess. I don't know why. SOmebody help me!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway... I really don't have much else to say... sorry I'm a boring blogger. Hahaha. I'll be more creative and clever later when I'm not so groggy. Bye guys.(:
Sorry for the short blog! But I still love you. :D

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  1. Eeek! I know how you feel! I really want to get a good year 12 score so I can get into the uni I want! :D Eeek, I can't wait for the holidays! :D


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